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Our story


Healey's is a family owned mobile valeting business based in Furzehill, Wimborne. It's me, Wayne Healey (that's me in the picture), who specialises in keeping all sorts of vehicles looking their best for our ever growing customer base. My first introduction into valeting was back in the 80s when I worked in a Mazda dealership owned by my Uncle, not only did this time forge my love for valeting and detailing cars but it helped me develop my love for race and sports cars, they were modern at the time, but are now ranked as 'Classic', I feel so old!

Whether you have a school runner, your pop to town car, a classic or a supercar, every one of our customers enjoys the same level of dedicated valeting service, many of our customers are now friends...

So if it's the full works or just a spruce up, boats, commercial, leather furniture or couches or paint enhancement, we don't mind, we're not fussy we just love a challenge, give me a call to discuss your thoughts...

Mobile Valeting - we come to you...


Fine Shine

Our valets can be done at your home, place of work or if it's easier at our studio @Unit 11. We offer 4 levels of care for your car:

1: Fine Shine. This is our entry level service and most popular with clients that have us visit on a regular basis. Whilst entry level, it offers great value for money and will leave your vehicle with a great showroom shine. 

The outside of your car will be rinsed then washed with a wax shampoo, rinsed and dried with one of our freshly laundered micro fibre cloths. The wheels will be cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner, rinsed and washed with shampoo*. The interior will be vacuumed and the hard surfaces cleaned with the appropriate cleaner, if you have a leather interior, leather cleaner will be used, the windows will be cleaned at this time as well.

Starting price £45.00


Full Shine

2: Full Shine. This is the valet we recommend if your planning to sell your car or you want to use it as part of your annual cleaning program. The detail includes the Fine Shine but in addition we remove tar spots and prepare the paint's surface more thoroughly in readiness for the 3 month wax application. The wheels are also deep cleaned to remove baked on brake dust where possible and then waxed to add protection. The interior is vacuumed and cleaned with appropriate cleaners and left smelling fresh again. We recommended this at least every 12 months

Price from:

Small £100.00

Medium £150

Large £180

XL (5 seats) £200

XL (7 Seats) £250.


Need something more specific?

Along with our standard, if anything in this business is 'standard' valets we can tailor a valet to your requirements. We can just clean and protect the roof of your soft-top, clean and protect the leather in your car or home, brighten up dull and faded paintwork or just an outside wash if required, we really don't mind, being small is the key for us and it's that allows us to offer flexible solutions.


Specialist Services on site @Unit 11

Ceramic coatings

The buzz words in the car industry as far as paint protection goes are 'Ceramic Coatings'. These coatings offer extreme durability and gloss enhancement to your car's painted surfaces and with more car dealers offering the service but without the skilled applicators and lower grade solutions, car buyers are turning to professionals to coat and enhance their cars, be it secondhand or brand new.

After searching for a brand that suits our needs and more importantly one that thinks how we think and offers great customer service, we settled on Autotriz. A German manufactured product offering a hard 9H (remember your school pencil) ceramic silicate that resists bird droppings, acid rain, UV light and minor scratches whilst keeping your gloss looking great and making washing your car a joy.

The treatment needs an overnight stay in our secure unit to ensure sufficient cure times and to enable us to carry out all of the levels cleaning and paint enhancements needed before application can take place. Ask your local dealer how long and what they do when applying the coating they offer.

Prices start at £585.00 and include ceramic coating, wheel and carpet protection.

Leather repair on jaguar leather seat using Colourlock by Healey's Mobile Valeting

Leather Repairs and Cleaning

We are approved to use and recommend Colourlock leather care products, we have achieved some staggering results with worn out or torn leather seats so before you re-upholster, why not give us a call to see if we can help restore and save you money

General information...



Q: What is so different between you and the supermarket hand wash? 

A: Normally between £50-£100. We use only high quality, tried and tested products on all of our jobs, check our FB page for more information.

Q: Can I have my car valeted by you on a regular basis to keep it looking its best.

A: Yes of course, we can do it as regularly as you like, a lot of our customers have us come along every month for one of our Fine Shine's and then every 3 or 4 months have a Full Shine.

Q: Why can valeting my car be so expensive?

A: Valeting your car isn't expensive when you consider how much work goes into getting it looking its best. To get the results we offer is down to the amount of experience we have and can offer to you.

Q: Do you offer any long life paint protection programmes?

A: Yes, we recommend Autotriz ceramic coatings.

Q: What experience do you have?

A: Since Healey's was set up in 2014, I have worked on approximately 2000 cars, fairly experienced I reckon :0)

Q: Do you work on boats?

A: Yes, we love working on boats, whether you want your hull machined polished or cabins cleaned, we can help.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, this and safety is a priority of ours, we have both product and public liability, you're safe in our hands... We are also a member of the 'Professional Valeters and Detailers Association'

Like or dislike or website?


Why not take 5 minutes and let us know what you think of our new site? It's been designed to run smoothly on tablets and phones, apparently the most popular way of surfing the net today, no thrills just the basic info about us and what we offer. 

Thanks for taking the time out to visit us...


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